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Benefit from the ability to pay for your precious jewelry in instalments, freeing up your finances to make other important purchases.

Citi Pay® Credit… A simple, secure way to make your online purchases.

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How to Buy with Citi Pay Credit
Get a decision in seconds with no impact to your credit bureau score.
Step 1
Shop online at The Natural Gemstones Company and add item(s) to your cart.
Step 2
At checkout, select “Citi Pay” as your payment option and submit an application to get a decision in seconds.

Already have a Citi Pay Credit Account? Perform an Account Lookup to easily complete your purchase.
Step 3
Select from the available payment plans, complete your purchase and enjoy paying for your purchase over time.
Step 4
Securely schedule your payments and manage your account online.
Frequently Asked Questions
1. How do I apply for a Citi Pay Credit Account?
During checkout, select the Citi Pay payment option and complete the application process.
2. Will there be a credit check as part of the application process?
Yes, a credit check is required to make a decision on your application.
3. If I already have a credit card issued by Citi do I need to apply for a Citi Pay Credit account?
Yes. You will need to apply at checkout for a Citi Pay Credit account. If you are approved, you can use your Citi Pay Credit account for your purchase.
4. Will I receive a physical credit card if I am approved?
Citi Pay Credit is a digital credit card product so you will not receive a physical card. If you need to access your account number, you can log in to your account online, go to Account Profile and select Details.
5. I already have a Citi Pay Credit account. How do I use it for another purchase?
Simply select Citi Pay Credit at checkout and choose the "lookup your account" option.
6. Can I use Citi Pay Credit if I don’t see Citi Pay Credit as an option at checkout?
No. You can only use Citi Pay Credit if it’s listed as a payment option on the merchant checkout page.
7. Where can I find my account number?
Register or log in to your Citi Pay Credit Account Online, then navigate to your Account Profile and select Details to view your account number.
8. How do I make a payment?
To make a payment on your Citi Pay Credit Account, you can register or log in to your Account Online and go to the Payments page.
9. Will I receive a paper credit card statement in the mail?
Citi Pay Credit is an all-digital product, you will receive your statements and most legal notices online instead of by mail. You can update your notification email address at any time.
10. Where can I view my online Citi Pay Credit Account statement?
To view your online Citi Pay Credit Account statement, register or log in to your Account Online and go to the Statements page.
11. Is there an annual fee?
No, there is no annual fee for the Citi Pay Credit Account.
12. Can I make a purchase with the Citi Pay Credit account in-store?
No, you cannot make purchases in stores at this time.
13. Can I manage my account online?
Yes. You can register or log in to your Citi Pay Credit Account online to manage your account anytime, anywhere.
14. What is the maximum credit limit for Citi Pay?
You may be approved for a maximum of $10,000, depending upon your credit history. Apply at checkout.
15. What if I don't qualify for the full amount of my purchase, or my purchase is higher than the maximum credit limit of $10,000?
Please reach out to our sales team for more information.