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Our Technology

Our state-of-the-art tools and techniques ensure that every gemstone’s natural beauty is unveiled and showcased to perfection. Recognizing the nuances of our technology empowers you, our esteemed customer, to make informed choices, ensuring that you receive a piece that’s not only breathtaking but also crafted to last a lifetime.

Technology At The Natural Gemstone Company

Our commitment to excellence is amplified by leveraging advanced design software, 3D printing technology, and a range of other innovative tools that set us apart in the industry. Our creative team, with their passion and expertise, is perpetually eager to explore new frontiers in craftsmanship.

Precision Cutting

When cut and polished to perfection, a gemstone can truly showcase its radiant brilliance, optimal size, and mesmerizing color. However, gemstone crafting is a delicate art. An imprecise cut can introduce flaws or undesirable features, detracting from the gem’s natural allure. The beauty and monetary value of a gemstone are intrinsically linked to its hue and clarity. Therefore, even the slightest oversight or miscalculation in the cutting process can significantly impact its overall worth and appeal.

Our Technology: Completed wax models for a halo ring design.
Completed wax models for a halo ring design.

CAD/CAM Production

To bring this vision to life, we utilize our groundbreaking 3D jewelry design software. This powerful tool enables us to render a detailed, lifelike image of your chosen gemstone, set flawlessly within your preferred design. The program’s flexibility is its strength, accommodating swift corrections or modifications, ensuring the design process is both fluid and responsive. By providing a virtual preview, we erase uncertainties. You’ll gain confidence, knowing your gemstone will be showcased exactly as you envisioned.

Using state-of-the-art Computer Aided Manufacturing (CAM) technology, the 3D CAD design is translated into a tangible, solid wax model. This model acts as a blueprint for your jewelry piece.

Our Technology: A sample ring rendering showing all angles.
A sample ring rendering showing all angles.

Metal Casting

Our Technology :Our advanced software gives us the ability to create beautifully detailed and precise jewelry renderings.
Our advanced software gives us the ability to create beautifully detailed and precise jewelry renderings.

After meticulously crafting the wax model and subjecting it to rigorous inspection, the art of jewelry-making takes a turn towards age-old, trusted casting techniques. This casting journey commences with the creation of a mold from the detailed wax model.

Once this mold has achieved its desired hardness, it’s placed in a specialized kiln or furnace. The primary goal here is to eliminate the wax entirely, melting it away to leave behind a perfect imprint. It’s crucial to ensure that not a single trace of wax remains, as any lingering residue can compromise the metal’s purity, leading to surface imperfections during the casting phase. With the mold immaculately clean, it’s then filled with the liquid brilliance of molten gold or platinum. This metal casting, once solidified, forms the bedrock upon which the final gemstone jewelry piece is built.

Assembly and Finishing

The unparalleled accuracy that CAD/CAM production offers plays a pivotal role in ensuring that each piece seamlessly fits the next, eliminating any room for imperfections.

With the aid of meticulously crafted CAD/CAM models, these settings are customized to precisely accommodate the petite gemstones handpicked by our jewelers. This precision negates the need for any post-casting drilling, ensuring the structural integrity of the metal is maintained. As a result, our pavé jewelry not only radiates a consistent sparkle but is also crafted in a way that’s cost-effective, passing on the savings to our valued customers.

After the careful assembly, it’s time for the finishing touch. Each piece of gemstone jewelry undergoes a rigorous finishing process. Our craftsmen polish and refine every curve, every edge, ensuring that the final piece is nothing short of perfection. The outcome of this meticulous process is a piece of jewelry that stands as a symbol of craftsmanship, beauty, and dedication.

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