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Why Choose Us?

Why Choose Us

At The Natural Gemstone Company, our passion and expertise converge to celebrate the magnificence of nature’s treasures. Dedicated to authenticity, we pride ourselves on sourcing and providing only the finest natural gemstones, untainted by artificial enhancements. Our vast collection showcases the myriad hues and forms that make each gem uniquely beautiful.

Moreover, our rigorous quality control, combined with a deep commitment to educating our customers, ensures that every gemstone purchase is informed and value-driven. By choosing The Natural Gemstone Company, you’re not just buying a gemstone; you’re investing in a legacy of trust, quality, and natural brilliance. Join us in our journey to explore the art and science behind Earth’s most captivating creations. Once you experience our dedication and expertise firsthand, you’ll understand Why Choose Us and that will be the best decision.

Rarity and Value

Many other websites have wonderful looking pictures of the gemstones they offer for sale. Yet, in most cases what’s shown is a ‘marketing picture’ of an item that doesn’t really exist. It’s called pre-selling. If you order the item, you won’t know what you’re getting until it arrives.

Our items are very real, and in fact quite rare. This means each item is one-of-a-kind, and once it’s sold, it can’t be replaced. We offer complete originality, every time.

Cutting Quality

The cutting quality of a gemstone is a critical factor that magnifies its beauty and value. It refers to how well a gem has been shaped and faceted from its raw form. A well-cut gemstone reflects light beautifully, enhances its color, and maximizes its brilliance. Conversely, a poorly cut gem might appear dull, even if the material itself has excellent clarity and color. At The Natural Gemstone Company, we prioritize superior cutting quality, ensuring that each gemstone not only showcases its inherent beauty but also achieves its full potential in brilliance and fire. Whether it’s the precision of the facets, the symmetry of the cut, or the final polish, every detail matters in bringing out the true essence of a gemstone.

Price, Education, & Disclosure

Why Choose Us: Price, Education, & Disclosure

Navigating the world of gemstones can be intricate, but understanding the value, the knowledge behind each stone, and complete transparency can make the journey insightful and rewarding. Why Choose Us? Because of our competitive pricing and outstanding cooperation. At The Natural Gemstone Company, we are committed to offering competitive prices that reflect the true worth of our gemstones. More than just a purchase, we believe in empowering our customers through comprehensive education, allowing them to appreciate the nuances and qualities of each gem. And in all our dealings, transparency is paramount. We openly disclose every detail about our gemstones, from their origins to any treatments they might have undergone. With The Natural Gemstone Company, you’re not just buying a gemstone; you’re gaining a wealth of knowledge and the assurance of honest dealings. To aid in that process, we have compiled an extensive Education section that addresses all manner of knowledge about gemstone and jewelry.

Specialists, Selection, & Reliability

As true specialists, our seasoned gemologists and artisans bring a wealth of knowledge, ensuring that every stone is a reflection of our dedication to excellence. Our selection process is meticulous, sieving through countless gems to handpick those that meet our high standards of beauty and integrity. But beyond our gems lies our most cherished quality – reliability. With us, you’re not just investing in a gemstone; you’re partnering with a legacy of trust.

Why Choose Us: Reputation & History

Reputation & History

Since our inaugural moment in 1939, The Natural Gemstone Company has been more than just a business; it’s been a legacy. Spanning over four generations, we’ve etched our journey on the bedrock of transparency, trust, and unwavering ethics. Eight decades have witnessed our commitment to excellence and an enduring reputation that shines as brilliantly as our gemstones.

When you step into our showroom, you’re not just observing a collection; you’re witnessing history, passion, and dedication that’s been cultivated for over 80 years. We invite you to delve deeper into our story on our company history page or meet the pillars of our success on our staff page.

3D Scan Reports

Why Choose Us: 3D Scan Reports

Dive into a dimension beyond the ordinary with our revolutionary 3D Scan Reports. Utilizing the zenith of 3D scanning technology, we intricately capture every nuance and detail of our gemstone. From the precision of facet angles to the symmetrical allure, our reports unfold the microcosm of each stone, offering an unparalleled view of its dimensions, percentage measurements, and intricate symmetries.

While many jewelers and gemstone portals offer only a glimpse, keeping the core details veiled, we at The Natural Gemstone Company break the norm. Every image, every video you encounter on our website is a testament to our commitment to authenticity, captured by our in-house photography maestros. What you see is precisely what you’ll hold — whether it’s a lustrous loose gemstone or a piece of timeless gemstone jewelry. With us, transparency isn’t just a word; it’s a promise crafted in 3D.

Three cocktail rings, pave diamond ,halo setting and four prongs secure the center stone
Three cocktail rings, pave diamond ,halo setting and four prongs secure the center stone

Three vintage rings, pave diamond ,halo setting and four prongs secure the center stone

White gold, palm springs cushion cut ring, pave setting with a blue Aquamarine center stone

ID Reports & Laboratory Certifications

All of our gemstones are accompanied by a comprehensive identification report issued by our staff gemologists. These reports are not marketing documents, but rather professional certifications that conform to industry standards and are recognized by insurance companies.

The Natural Gemstone Company employs the same GIA (Gemological Institute of America) certified gemologists that third-party laboratories employ and has the same standards in reporting. Our internal reports are as accurate and guaranteed as any high quality, third-party laboratory.

From Mine to Market

From Mine to Market

We work directly with the mining companies that supply the rough crystals that are mined around the world. We work with highly experienced gemstone cutters right here in New York where our head office is located. We bring gemstones directly from the mine to the marketplace.

The majority of our clients are purchasing for an engagement or other significant occasion. For this reason, and from the frequent request of our customers, we only sell newly made jewelry and recently mined gemstones. We do not sell items that have been purchased previously, i.e. broken engagements, second-hand, or estate jewelry.

Our Passion

At The Natural Gemstone Company, our love for gemstones transcends the mere act of selling. It’s a deep-seated passion, an undying romance with Earth’s most mesmerizing treasures. Every shimmering facet, every hue tells a story of nature’s marvel, and we are devoted to sharing these narratives. Our fervor drives us to travel the globe, forming bonds with miners, cutters, and artisans, ensuring that every gem we present is a testament to quality, authenticity, and love. We don’t merely provide gemstones; we offer experiences, memories, and a connection to the very heartbeat of our planet.

Our Customers Love Us

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