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Our Workshop

Welcome to ‘Our Workshop’ at The Natural Gemstone Company. This space is where raw beauty is meticulously crafted into timeless elegance.

With a harmonious blend of traditional techniques and cutting edge technology, our skilled artisans transform each gemstone into a piece of art. Every facet, every cut, and every setting is a testament to our dedication to quality and our passion for the ethereal beauty of natural gemstones.

Dive in and explore the epicenter of our craftsmanship and innovation.

We Are Specialists

At The Natural Gemstone Company, ‘Our Workshop’ stands as a testament to our dedication to true beauty, rarity, and value in all of our natural gemstones. We are now a four generation old family business, and since 1939, we have specialized in supplying the wholesale trade. TheNaturalGemstoneCompany.com was our evolution in today’s highly competitive marketplace. Today, our business is committed to supplying the discerning, educated public with the finest quality gemstones at the best possible price. Our enduring goal is to maintain a unique inventory that distinctly sets us apart from other gem and jewelry dealers.

Our extensive history with our sister company The Natural Sapphire Company led us to the vibrant world of gemstones where we have applied all of our time tested, exceptional standards to establish ourselves as providing the most exquisite natural gemstones in the marketplace. We begin from the ground up with the semi polished gemstone crystals directly from the gem mines. We then cut, polish, and certify many of our gemstones in house. We pride ourselves on being expert stone cutters and artisans in applying all the knowledge gained from generations working with these rare gemstones.

Our professional CAD designers create multi view renderings for custom gemstone jewelry.

The Cutting Process

Every creation of ours begins its journey in ‘Our Workshop’ with our exquisite gemstones. Nestled in the bustling heart of New York, our artisans bring these gemstones to life, faceting and polishing each one with unmatched precision. It’s a dance of light and geometry, where each shape, facet, and angle is meticulously chosen to maximize the stone’s natural beauty.

It All Starts With a Sketch

As we transition from abstract concepts to tangible form, the design undergoes a metamorphosis, weaving through various intricate phases of construction and artistic interpretation. Once perfected, this magnum opus of design is handed over to our state-of-the-art CAD specialists or to the deft hands of our jewelers. These craftsmen, with their unique expertise, breathe life into these sketches, crafting mesmerizing pieces that are adorned with meticulously fabricated gemstones.

Our Workshop : The first step of any jewelry creation begins with a sketch.

Computer Renderings

Expert Lapidary – Gem Cutting

Each of our gemstones undergoes a thorough examination, illuminated by the precision of the latest 3D scanning equipment. This meticulous process ensures we harness and magnify the intrinsic beauty and potential of every gemstone we handle. At the forefront of innovation, we remain committed to employing only the pinnacle of technological advancements in gemology, ensuring that our scanning and mapping tools represent the zenith of the industry’s offerings.

Our Custom Order Settings

In the digital age, the artistry of jewelry design has undergone a transformative evolution. With the magic of computer generated imagery, the boundaries of creativity are expanded beyond imagination, enabling us to craft limitless designs and alterations without delving into the physical manufacturing process. These computer renderings act as a visionary canvas, painting vivid prospects for the final gemstone masterpiece.

From Rendering to Polymer Wax Model

Once the final design is approved, we begin the manufacturing of the jewelry piece. This next step involves using a sophisticated model building machine.

Using the latest technology used in this process, we quickly and efficiently produce a completed polymer wax model, which means we can then start the metal casting process.

Casting, Polishing & Setting

The Manufacturing Process

A precious metal form is cast from a mold of our polymer wax model. We then use old-world crafting techniques to produce fine, handmade jewelry. There are dozens of steps in this process, and each one is carefully performed by skilled craftsmen. Our experience in fine jewelry spanning over 70 years assures we have instilled the highest quality standards.

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